Armadillo & Co use good quality Hemp to weave the rugs. However most other natural fiber rugs on the market are usually Jute. This is a huge edge that Armadillo&Co have on the market.

Jute and hemp, whilst similar in that they are natural fibers, they are very different to work with.

Hemp is a long fiber.  It is very strong and durable.  It is also comparatively heavy, more dense than jute.  Hemp becomes softer and softer over time and rarely wears out.

Jute is a short fiber compared to hemp.  It is not as dense as hemp and not as strong.  By volume, it is about half as strong as hemp.  When new, jute can be scratchy and fuzzy, leaving it a bit coarse.  It can also have a very strong smell.  Many cheaper jute yarns are processed with kerosene too. Jute also wears out quickly.

Hemp is like a nice pair of leather shoes- hemp wears in (and softens) rather than wearing out. Jute breaks down by shedding their coarse fibers and wears out quickly. Jute will become dry and older looking in a short space of time.

If hemp has jute beat on strength, durability, softness and arguably smell, why would one choose jute over hemp? 

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