Mezzie & Frank Chalk Effects Paint

Mezzie & Frank Chalk Effects Paint



Mezzie & Frank Chalk Effect Paints have been formulated, manufactured and distributed here in Australia. You’ll truly enjoy working with this paint. It’s has a soft chalk finish which is ideal for use on both furniture and walls.

The formula used to make Mezzie & Frank allows the paint to be used without the need for surface preparation on most surfaces as it is self priming. That means no dusty sanding or prepping of surfaces is necessary at all. In fact, if the surface is rough and patchy, this can help you achieve that popular distressed look, but finished like a professional would.

Everyone loves to use Mezzie & Frank because it spreads with ease – in no time the job is done. And it’s easy to clean up once your project is complete. Being water based, you simply rinse brushes in fresh water and allow to dry.

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