Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Products

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Products

It's 2018 and for some obscure reason we still do not have enough people who care about the Earth's future and the dangerous effects we are having on the eco-systems due to our excessive waste. Society is moving at an ever-increasing pace and our urge to stay up-to-date and relevant creates more waste than we know what to do with.

What's the solution? Well, individual actions may seem insignificant but together the small steps of many people can have an astonishing impact. We at Fine Fettle have started our step in the right direction with stocking as many eco-friendly brands as possible and we want to share our absolute favourite products with you, so that you can take your single step. 


Created in 2014 Earth Bottles is a company all about creating reusable and beautiful drink ware. Made from only food grade stainless steel – something that set Earth Bottles apart from the get go – Earth Bottles manufacture from the highest standpoint, for the health of the planet, the consumer as well as those
involved in production, having attained full certification through BSCI passing
all industry standards of human treatment.

Earth Bottles also partner with Clean Coast Collective to fund beach clean-
ups around the globe and all gift packs help support the Fifteen Trees
organisation with 180 plants planted as a direct result of Earth Bottles to
Their turquoise bottle would follow with Beyond Blue and the latest ‘Saltwater Dreamtime’ - a partnership with artist Zacahry Bennett-Brook - for Arnhem Land’s Hope forHealth; all collaborators receiving 25% of all wholesale profits from their specific bottles.

Earth Bottles are not simply a stylish stroke of consciousness, they are about celebrating a way of life that orbits around love for Earth. They have the feel
of a luxury item but are a bastion for more than we’re spoonfed. Earth Bottles
represent the glorious, ever-expanding global community of individuals who
understand that the real rebellion exists in every small daily decision made
for right action.
Take your step and SHOP EARTH BOTTLES NOW!


Another beautiful brand, Sienna Byron Bay, creates stunning nail polish for everyone and anyone.
Being in harmony with the environment and our surroundings is a pillar of the Sienna lifestyle. They strive to be as eco-friendly as possible with the start-to-finish of the production based in Australia to keep their carbon footprint low. All the components of the products are vegan and cruelty free - they source only the finest non-animal ingredients. 

Sienna nail polishes have the cleanest conventional formula on the market with none of the typical toxic chemicals found in many other polishes. The formula used is a healthy and clean alternative, a strong value for the Sienna brand. The nail polish remover is made from soy and 100% renewable sources.

Most of the components used in Sienna Byron Bay nail polishes are sourced from Australia. The timber cap is from a non-native tree removed for forest sustainability and rejuvenation reasons and is hand-picked for its grain and colour qualities. Each cap is then individually hand turned. Their printing (using soy inks where possible) is through local companies and always on recycled card. The only aspect of our product that is from outside Australia is their vintage style glass bottle imported from Europe. 

From humble beginnings, Sienna has now grown beyond the Shire of Byron Bay with stockists all around Australia and Internationally. They take pride in seeing their long lasting pigments reminiscent of balmy evenings watching the sunset at the lighthouse, picnic dinners at the beach and the soft hum from the atmosphere in town travel across the world for everyone to enjoy.
Take your step and SHOP SIENNA BYRON BAY NOW!

Both Earth Bottles and Sienna Byron Bay are beautiful products with a very strong ethos for taking care of the environment and creating a cleaner and greener future.

Keep an eye out for another two amazing brands we will be launching soon... watch this space.


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