Earth Bottles

It is so simple and such an easy thing to change, from plastic to a sustainable, reusable and beautiful product. In a bid to discourage the use of plastics Earth Bottles raises awareness for the environment and makes doing your ‘little bit’ a breeze.

Byron Bay’s Danni Carr, founder and CEO begun Earth Bottles with a passion for the environment which has led Earth Bottles into creating other reusable products like coffee cups and expanding our range further with reusable straws and tea canisters.

At Earth Bottles they get a kick out of giving back to the wider community and currently donate part of their profits to Beyond Blue and Clean Coast Collective, and are official partners with Breast Cancer Network Australia. With the sale of every gift pack online they plant a tree through our affiliation with Fifteen Trees.

At Earth Bottles we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. We may not be the fanciest but we package our bottles in reusable cotton bags, recyclable cardboard boxes and we post in paper/card post bags.