Finesse Design

Pewter is an ageless metal. It has a warm and lustrous quality, which we hand-finish to give a unique patina. We do not plate or lacquer our products so there is no coating to degrade. We use only the best-quality lead-free Pewter (min 92% tin), which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home and does not rust. It is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with a soft damp cloth.

Pewter has it’s origins in antiquity but today the alloy must comply with the European Standard EN6711. It is the fourth most precious metal in normal use after platinum, gold and silver. Tin mining has little or no effect on the environment so you can be assured that Pewter won’t cost the earth.

Royal Approval for Pewter

Pewter’s enduring appeal is a tribute to designers and manufacturers through the centuries. It survived the introduction of china and porcelain, and has more than held its own against silver and other precious metals.The beauty, versatility and practicality of pewter has sustained its popularity for two thousand years.

HRH The Prince of Wales from his Introduction to the Worshipful Company of Pewterers ‘Millenium Collection’.

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